Biological Optimization

Vireo Partners performs phone and on-site consultations.

Vireo Operations Optimization allows treatment plant operators to run their facilities at the best possible level.  Our experience can help facilities run well above original design specifications, delaying capital outlay and plant expansion.  Taking an overall, comprehensive look at the Treatment Plant System – from Collections and Headworks right on through Clarification and Disinfection means avoiding expensive band-aid solutions.

Vireo Partners is laser-focused on creating the Optimum Biological environment, which maximizes treatment efficiency and system robustness.  Areas Vireo focuses attention include:

Environmental Conditions

  • Ideal pH
  • Proper Temperature
  • Macro- & Micronutrients

Correct Dissolved Oxygen

  • Organic Carbon Destruction
  • Nitrification
  • Denitrification

Balanced Feed Conditions

Vireo Partners provides wastewater floc characterization and filament identification services.
  • Flow vs. Loading
  • Daily / Weekly / Event Fluctuations
  • Food : Mass Conditions
  • Optimize Biological Populations
  • Efficient Wasting
  • Select against unwanted bacterial species

Solids Settling, Dewatering, & Handling

  • Equipment Operation
  • Lowest Cost : Dry Ton disposal or transportation
  • Proper equipment selection advice

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