Floc Characterization & Filamentous Bacteria Identification

Vireo Partners provides wastewater floc characterization and filament identification services.

Vireo Partners understands the importance and wealth of information from regular biomass microscopic observation.  Beyond simple sludge age reference, looking at, and understanding, the wastewater system’s floc condition, size, and bacterial composition provides invaluable information to the Operator:

  • Filamentous bacteria identification
  • Septicity or Septic components present
  • Organic acids present
  • Nutrient deficiency
  • Dissolved Oxygen Conditions
  • Foam sources & remediation
  • Bulking Sludge root causes
  • Proper wasting rate
  • Reason for excessive ashing or Pin Floc
  • Dewatering challenges
Vireo Partners provides wastewater filamentous identification services including Gram and Neisser stained photomicrographs.

Vireo Partners uses tried and trusted methods to observe, stain, and photograph Mixed Liquor samples. Comprehensive characteristic reporting, along with high resolution micrographs are uploaded and a secure link sent to the facility’s designated email address.

Results normally available within 48 hours of sample receipt, unless expedited analysis is chosen – then results may be the same day or within 24 hours?